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Subject Matters with Sebastian Gomes

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“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” — Cicero

Long before the days of the printing press, the monks and scribes of Europe spent their days writing and copying books. Their labors of love and discipline preserved the intellectual and literary traditions of past civilizations and helped spread the Christian faith across the continent. Books were unique and precious; a combined source of information and artistic beauty. To this day, even with the advancement of communications technology, books retain an innate value as a tangible means of transmitting new ideas and drawing people into powerfully creative experiences. Subject Matters is not your typical book show. It serves as both a response and a reminder: a response to the demands of the technological age by its infusion of the rich, imaginative content of books into the best and most creative audio/visual elements; and a reminder that the ancient art of the written word is far from going extinct, and continues to enrich writers and readers who find in the companionship of a good book the unfolding story of the human family: the vicissitudes of our collective history, the new ideas and experiences of our time, and the hopes for a future yet to come.
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Season Two

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Sunday, May 28

Episode 10
“Jubilee: 50 Years of Solidarity”
By Danny Gilles
Sunday, June 4

Episode 11
“Women Deacons? Essays with Answers”
By Phyllis Zagano

Season One

Filmed on location at
Ben McNally Books
Ben McNally is an independent general interest book store in the heart of the Financial District of Toronto, Ontario. Renowned for the elegance of its décor and the calm atmosphere it offers, over the course of its almost nine years of existence the store has forged a reputation for its comprehensive and thoughtfully chosen inventory, its excellent staff, and its commitment to customer service. Featuring the latest Canadian, British, and American releases, the store offers many titles that are not widely available, reflecting the varied and discerning interests of its clientele. The official bookstore for the International Festival of Authors, Ben McNally also partners with the Globe and Mail for the highly successful Authors Brunch Series, and creates many other author events throughout the city and in the store, bringing writers and readers together.
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“Just when you thought that the printed word is out of date, Salt and Light Television brings you “Subject Matters,” a brilliant new book show in a stunning setting! Congratulations to Sebastian Gomes, Ben McNally and a host of great authors who remind us that books are still important… and necessary for our age!”

Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB
CEO & Executive Producer
Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation