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This Christmas, I received a gift of countless worth: the honour of meeting my newborn nephew and soon-to-be godson, Nathaniel Roland. Not only did he arrive one week early cause he couldn’t bear the thought of missing the big New Year’s bash (like godmother like godson), but he became the reason to celebrate. Holding the ...read more
Australia Day
James Lucas
January 26, 2009
As one of the newest additions to the Salt + Light team I thought it would be time for me to write my first blog. Being one of two Australians working for S+L I thought that today, being Australia Day, would be the best time to introduce myself. This will be my first time celebrating ...read more
Fifty years ago today, at the conclusion of a celebration marking the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul in the great Roman Basilica dedicated to the Apostle to the Nations in Rome, Pope John XIII went for a stroll in the small interior garden of the basilica.  He startled his small entourage by letting ...read more
“Let love be genuine!” proclaimed Archbishop Collins thrusting his finger in the air… it was an ‘a-ha’ moment for me. It felt as if that passage of Scripture was new, and something that I had never heard before. Stressing the word genuine, Toronto’s chief shepherd spoke with conviction, with boldness. It seemed like an obvious ...read more
I am in Washington this week filming a future epsiode for the investigative series Eye on the Church (which returns to Salt + Light Television this spring). My visit just happened to coincide with two epic events: Tuesday’s inauguration of President Barack Obama and Thursday’s March for Life. One brought 1.8 million people chanting “Yes ...read more
Those with literal minds will question many things about the Jonah story [Jonah 3:1-5, 10]: the great fish, the size and population of this immense city, and the conversion of the Assyrians. On the other hand, those who really listen to and view this story with ears and eyes of faith will take all of ...read more
The Message for this year’s World Communications Day was released today. The Message, available below, speaks of the power of technology to connect people together — it’s particularly relevant to young people. As the president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications Archbishop Claudio Celli noted at a press conference this morning, the Message touches ...read more
Let me tell you story of a little town, in a place far, far away that is often forgotten. This place is called Vancouver. Okay, so it’s not a town, and it is certainly not that forgotten. But let me tell you a story about Vancouver anyway. Back in 2004 Vancouver received as their Archbishop, ...read more
Kris Dmytrenko
January 21, 2009
  Boisterous spectators press upon security fences, necks craning for a mere glimpse of the motorcade. Even the most antagonistic press outlets momentarily withhold their cynicism. Belief in this institution having been tested by so many disappointments and scandals, the leader’s faithful now pause, smile and exhale. He’s here. This is what we all saw ...read more
“Our life is transformed by beauty, truth and goodness and it is touched first by the great gift of the Lord God, which is beauty. In turn, beauty leads to the good and the true which ultimately leads to a deeper knowledge of our Lord God.” These were the words of Toronto’s Archbishop Thomas Collins ...read more