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Zoom will go on a Christmas hiatus, as usual, this year with Monday the 22nd being the last day. However, we won’t be leaving you without something to watch. From December 26th to January 4th at 7pm you can join me as I sit down with a different member of the S+L family to find ...read more
One of my personal Advent and Christmas traditions each year has been to attend (or at least listen to) Handel’s Messiah. My “Messiah night” took place this past week, not in a concert hall or church but in my residence. The choral section from the Nativity cycle of Handel’s work never ceases to move me ...read more
A popular song describes Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year — well if it’s so wonderful, why are we so quick to rush through Christmas and move onto the next celebration? And what is this basis of this wonder? In this year’s Catholic Focus Christmas episode we explore what Christmas is — ...read more
Last week I told you about our Catholic Focus interview with The Priests. If you didn’t have a chance to catch it on Wednesday or Sunday, you can now stream it online by clicking HERE. The episode features two performances from a concert they performed in Toronto on December 1st. Salt + Light will be ...read more
[The following homily was preached by Rev. Mr. Christopher Valka, C.S.B., in Las Cruces, New Mexico on December 8, Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Chris is a Basilian Deacon in the Diocese of Las Cruces, New Mexico (USA). He worked for two years at Salt and Light Television Network as he completed his theological studies ...read more
The Advent season brings with it the occasion to reflect on the meaning of the season. Just recently I learned about a tragic episode in Canadian history which reveals how the spirit of giving can triumph over the darkest moments in our lives. On Thursday December 6, 1917 two ships collided in the port of ...read more
The creation narratives in Genesis are probably the best recognised stories of the whole Bible, yet at the same time, perhaps the most misunderstood. For Christians, the story of Adam and Eve reveal to us the relationship between God and humans, between male and female, about sexuality, togetherness and separation from God. Christian scholars throughout ...read more
So last time, I had my chat with Donna Yiu about her involvement with the Chinese Catholic programming team at Salt + Light for the series Fountain of Love and Life. I mentioned to Donna that one of my highlights of the fundraising gala they organized on November 23rd was the feature story. At every ...read more
We’ve got a great lineup of new programming this weekend on Salt + Light Television. As you know, Nothing More Beautiful premieres at 8pm and 12:30am ET on Friday, December 19th (with a Saturday 12:30pm ET repeat). On Saturday, December 20th at 8pm ET we have the Canadian premiere of the powerful film Testimony. Sunday ...read more
“The Sound of Music” stage play and I are the same age- both from that vintage year of 1959, and the film version was the first “motion picture” I saw as child in the mid 1960s with my family. God alone knows how many times I have seen it since on stage, at the theater ...read more