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For many, Joan Lewis needs no introduction. EWTN’s Rome correspondent is a regular feature on their television and radio networks, as well as online with her blog. The city, it would seem, is hers. From her stories, one can tell that she must be particularly well-connected among American ex-pats and visiting prelates. Before we shared ...read more
As mentioned on Monday’s Zoom, there is plenty of information surrounding the Synod of Bishops and the conclusions. If you read through the previous few entries on this blog, you will find information from our own Kris Dmytrenko and Father Thomas Rosica, C.S.B. For further articles, try this: Synod Presents 55 Propositions to Pope: A ...read more
Witnessing the final voting on the synodal propositions on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning was a real lesson in the collegiality of the Church. You can certainly find elsewhere the detailed information and “scoop” stories on the intrigue surrounding the voting procedures. It suffices to say here that the degree of unanimity for each proposition ...read more
Characterizing the synod’s final list of propositions as a competition between bishops would be vulgar. Still, it merits examination whether the ideas proposed by the Canadian bishops survived the intervention, workshop, summarization and voting phases carried out over the past three weeks. For last week’s Catholic Register, I interviewed Archbishop Terrence Prendergast and Bishop Ronald ...read more
I just returned from St. Peter’s Basilica, where Pope Benedict XVI celebrated the Eucharist with the international cast of the Synod of Bishops.  While the Vatican might have otherwise exhibited a festive atmosphere, the Holy Father reminded us of those who could not be present. During both the homily and the post-Mass Angelus, the Pope issued calls ...read more
In John’s Gospel, Philip was trying to recruit Nathanael to become a prophet. Philip mentioned that Jesus had come from Nazareth and Nathanael asked his famous question: “Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?” Philip replied: “Come and see.” Nazareth must have had quite a reputation in Jesus’ time to elicit such a question. ...read more
On Saturday morning, the Synod of Bishops voted to approve the full list of 55 recommendations for Pope Benedict XVI.  During a midday press conference, the synod’s Relator General Cardinal Marc Ouellet characterized the three-week assembly as “rediscovering the Bible as the book of everyone and for everyone.” “The Church has again found its foundation, ...read more
Everyday at the Synod of Bishops, journalists are offered but one opportunity to observe the participants when they’re gathered in Paul VI Hall.  Accredited media are told to arrive outside the aula at 8:30 AM.  Then we wait for twenty minutes before being herded upstairs into the auditorium. A reporter is left no time to ...read more
It’s a busy weekend for us here at Salt + Light. A group is heading down to Los Angeles to collect our Gabriel Award for Television Station of the Year. Check the blog next week for their thoughts on the experience. Meanwhile, in Rome, as the Synod of Bishops draws to a close Fr. Rosica ...read more
“You are ethically bound to help a drowning person, even if you can not swim.” Those were among the last words Irena Sendler’s father said to her as he lay on his death bed, suffering of Typhoid Fever. This was the same disease that brought many Jewish patients to seek his help, his door being ...read more