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The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops plenary meeting had barely begun Monday morning when the floor was turned to its most highly anticipated speaker. This would be the first time that an Assembly of First Nations National Chief addressed the annual gathering. Phil Fontaine was set to chasten the Canadian bishops for their lack of ...read more
I’m not sure when it was that I heard my first John Michael Talbot song. Perhaps it was one of the songs we sang at Mass one day. I do remember when I was part of the 5:15 Saturday Music Group at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Toronto, we were quite the JMT fans. ...read more
I picked up a few bad habits in Journalism school. One is that I have two cappuccinos before 10:00am and the other is that every morning the first thing I do is turn on the news. The former gives me a jolt of energy, the latter sometimes has the ability to give me the shivers. ...read more
One of my earliest recollections of encountering the life of a saint was a biography on St. Pio of Pietrelcina, or Padre Pio as he is more commonly known. Though I don’t remember the title, I can vividly recall my mother reading the book to me as a young boy. I was captivated by it ...read more
Should you rate the Masses you go to? Probably not. Probably we should celebrate the fact that, regardless of music or homily or our attention span, we meet Christ in the Eucharist and that is more than enough. Still… if I were asked to pick my favourite Mass, it would begin with a story and ...read more
If you’re in the Toronto area this weekend, I would suggest stopping by St. Michael’s Cathedral Sunday, September 21st, for Archbishop Thomas Collins’ Lectio Divina. After a two month summer break, the Archbishop is back with a new season of Lectio focusing on St. Paul. For the first edition, His Grace will be reflecting on ...read more
Covering the 49th International Eucharistic Congress was an intense experience — long hours, little sleep, an abundance of sights and sounds. I left Quebec City pleased yet exhausted… and after the closing Mass… wet and a little muddy. Upon returning to Toronto I began reading through the notes I had taken during that week at ...read more
Pope Benedict XVI offered a nice reflection on his trip to France at his his Wednesday General Audience. I find interesting the Holy Father’s discussion of the Cross and suffering — specifically the sign of the cross by our Blessed Mother when appearing to St. Bernadette. Here is the english translation, by S+L’s Alicia Ambrossio. ...read more
You’ve now heard that two of our S+L host/producers recently wed. While David and Michele Naglieri enjoy their honeymoon in Costa Rica, another S+L on-air personality is preparing for his trip down the aisle. Matthew Harrison and his beautiful fiancée will be celebrating the Sacrament of Matrimony in early October. In keeping with tradition, Matthew’s ...read more
As Canadian citizens, Catholics have an obligation to be interested in politics. They should exercise this civic responsibility by becoming involved in the electoral process and especially by voting. The above two sentences begin a four page Federal Election Guide from the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops issued on Monday. (you can read the press ...read more