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"Stay with us"... Encounters With The Risen Lord
Reflections by Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB
About this Book

Continuing from the success of his previous book, The Seven Last Word of Christ, Thomas Rosica, CSB, presents the Resurrection of Jesus through a reading of the four Gospels, but not so much as narrated or told in scripture, but proclaimed anew in our day. Revisiting the way the early Church understood the Resurrection, Rosica is less concerned with what actually happened in the tomb on that first Easter day, and far more interested in why suddenly it became possible to know Jesus in the everyday of history (Mark); to live the Christian life within the community called Church (Matthew); to imitate Jesus in a meaningful life in our world (Luke); and to encounter Jesus in a deep, personal, loving, evolving relationship (John).

Conveyed here in very accessible language, Rosica presents the risen Lord who continues to meet us where we are, accompany us on our journeys, and causes our hearts to gradually catch fire within us, with the conviction that the Resurrection of Jesus is a sign that God is ultimately going to win.

About the Author

Fr. Thomas Rosica is a priest of the Congregation of St. Basil (Basilian Fathers). He is currently Chief Executive Officer at Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation in Toronto, Canada. He holds advanced degrees in Theology and Sacred Scripture from Regis College in the Toronto School of Theology [1985], the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome [1990] and the École Biblique et Archéologique Française de Jérusalem [1994]. He has served as English-language Media Attaché for the Vatican many times.

“The Lord has overcome death and evil. This is true. But what many men and women of our time are seeking is the resurrection in themselves, in their on lives, and in the history of so many countries at war, beginning with the Holy Land. A question and a drama which the author invites us to accept is the folly of the cross, so that we can conquer evil in and around us. Through their contribution, believers in our time bring a little more light and a little more love into the world.”

—From the Foreword, by His Beatitude Michael Sabbah, Latin Patriarch-emeritus of Jerusalem

Comments about the book

"As Christ's followers living today, how do we know that Christ truly lives? In our own direct encounters with Christ alive and in witness who testify to their fresh encounters with him, like Fr. Thomas Rosica's faith-quickening witness,recorded in this little book. We open its pages with trembling hope that its words will awaken us anew to Christ's living presence among us in all our living and dying. 'Behold, I know my redeemer lives!' "- Sr. Helen Prejean, CSJ

"The very heart of Christian faith is the conviction that through Jesus Christ, the power of God's love has defeated death and brought new life to our world. The dynamic reflection on resurrection found in Thomas Rosica's "Stay with us..." breathes the living spirit of the Gospels themselves: vivid, powerful, inspiring. Here is an informed and illuminating probe into the diverse beauty of the gospel accounts and their meaning for our Christian life and mission today." - Donald Senior, C.P., President-Emeritus and Professor of New Testament, Catholic Theological Union, Chicago

"This collection of reflections is of great assistance to us as we continue to keep the light of the Resurrection shining in our world. We preach Christ Risen from the dead. These meditations are the fruit of Fr. Rosica's studies in the Holy Land and his personal experiences as he proclaims the Kerygma. It explains the Scriptures and helps us to understand the Resurrection of Jesus. I highly recommend it, as it helps us to experience what the two disciples felt in their hearts on the road to Emmaus." - Cardinal Kevin Farrell, Prefect, Vatican Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life.

Why this book?
Thoughtfully written and thoroughly reflective, available in two languages

Prefaced by Cardinal Donald Wuerl in the English version, by Beatitude Michael Sabbah, Latin Patriarch-emeritus of Jerusalem
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Publication Date: January, 2018
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