One Body: It’s all about conversion
Julien Hammond
September 29, 2020
As Christians we are called to turn away from sin and conform our lives to the Gospel. What implications does this have for ecumenism? more
Deacon Pedro tells us all about archangels and guardian angels, who they are and how we know about them. more
On September 25, 2020, Pope Francis addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations by pre-recorded message. The full text of the Holy Father’s address is provided below, courtesy of the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See to the United Nations, while the video can be found on the Holy See Mission‘s YouTube Channel. more
Word Alive: A question of integrity
Gabrielle Sinclair
September 25, 2020
What does integrity look like? Gabrielle Sinclair reflects on the readings for the 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time. more
Deacon Pedro begins his exploration of angels with a look at the many times they appear or are mentioned in the Bible. more
Carl Hétu of CNEWA reflects on how one Syrian refugee's experience of discrimination has brought him closer to Christ. more
Marie Anne Torres gives us her take on a new book by Sr. Laurie Brink, OP: What Does the Bible Say About Friendship? more
Deacon Pedro offers a basic introduction to the four Gospels, how and when they were written and for which Christian communities. more
Word Alive: Love beyond all expectation
Dan Moynihan
September 11, 2020
God calls us to love and forgive others in the same way He loves us: beyond our expectations. Read this reflection from Dan Moynihan. more
Cardinal Béchara Boutros Raï, Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, describes the importance of Lebanon to the Middle East and the current crisis. more