Daddy to the rescue | Word Alive
Rev. Gregory Dyson
November 27, 2020
On the First Sunday of Advent, we see the people of Israel crying to God, like a child to its father. What does this mean for us today? more
Pope Francis will hold a consistory for the creation of new cardinals. Watch the event here LIVE on Saturday, November 28, 2020, at 10 am ET. more
Public and private prayer for unity | One Body
Julien Hammond
November 24, 2020
We know we should all be praying for Christian unity, but what does that prayer actually look like? more
There is a voice of illness inside each of us which cries out, "Where is God?" Deacon Pedro reflects on our search for meaning in our brokenness. more
In this reflection for the Solemnity of Christ the King, Luke Stocking explores the beautiful dual imagery of Christ as king and shepherd. more
How can I be a good neighbour during the COVID-19 pandemic? Julian Paparella explores this question in a new instalment of Love Digest. more
Watch this conversation with Bishop William McGrattan and Dr. Moira McQueen on Bill C-7 and the proposed euthanasia expansion in Canada. more
Deacon Pedro explains how a proposed law - Bill C-7 - is attempting to reduce restrictions and safeguards on euthanasia in Canada. more
Read the full text of Pope Francis' homily for World Day of the Poor, exploring the Parable of the Talents. more
Christ the Bridegroom is searching for us. Are we ready to be found? A reflection for the Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time. more